Sunscreens For Oily Skin


Sunscreen protects you from UV rays, which can burn or damage your skin. So protecting your skin from sun rays is essential, and sunscreens do this work for you. You should apply sunscreen all seasons, but in summers it’s more important if you are sensitive for sun rays. Apply sunscreen every time going out for more than 15 minutes between 10am and 3pm.

Every girl dreams and loves to have fresh and healthy skin. This is possible when we use sunscreen because it protects from sunburn and provides a healthy and fresh skin. You can’t apply the same kind of sunscreen products for oily and dry skin types, nut still some of them are applicable for both type of skins. There are some best sunscreens that are available in market for your oily skin.

Aroma Magic Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion

Aroma magic is one of the best sunscreen for your oily skin with cucumber extract. It protects your oily skin from UV rays, and is easily available in market with cheap price. It has SPF 30 with all natural minerals and also includes mild fragrance.

VLCC Oil-free Sunscreen Gel with SPF 15

VLCC is oil-free gel based sunscreen with SPF 15. It contains cucumber and watermelon extracts and aloe Vera gel, which works against the sunburn and protects you from UV rays. VLCC oil-free sunscreen gel is easily available in market.

Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF 50

Avene cream includes SPF 50 which provides high protection against UVB and UVA rays. It is best for oily plus normal and prone skin. Avene is very effective because it provides very high protection against sun rays. You can purchase it from any cosmetic shop.

Lakme 9 To 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen SPF 50

Lakme 9 to 5 mattifying super sunscreen which contains SPF 50 PA+++ against UVA and UVB. It is a feather light formula which can be layered below your 9 to 5 makeup and sets up your 9 to 5 look for the day. It is oil-free sunscreen best for your oily skin to protect from sunrays and sunburn. Lakme is well reputed brand and its products are easily available in market you can purchase this sunscreen cream from any cosmetics shop.