Summer Body Workout Plan Female

summer body workout plan female

Fitness is not about being better than others; it’s about being better than you used to be.

Every girl wants to look young and fit like actress and models; it has become a trend now a days. Girls are worried about being fat even the aged women are also worried about it. All of them want to become pretty and smart. Parents are also worried about their children’s health, color and fitness; but they don’t give attention on their food and routine. To look young, fresh and smart exercise is most important part of daily routine.

Summer Body Workout Plan Female:

There should be some exercise plans according to the season, because we can’t do the same exercise of winter season in summers. Summer Body Workout Plan Female there should be less time in your plan and timing should also be in morning. Because in summers you can’t do exercise for longer time. In summers you have to care about your food with exercise.

Summer Body Workout Plan Female use fresh juices and fruits. Drink fresh water. Don’t consume fast food in your daily routine because fast foods cause obesity and these are also affected for your internal system especially for young girls. You need to create a proper diet plan in summers; it will help you to stay healthy and weight fluxes.

Try to participate in physical activities but not for longer time. In summers, try to go for a morning walk, after it you will stay fresh for whole day.  Being fat is not a big problem because exercise can help you to stay fit and healthy. By jogging, swimming and walk for 15-20 minutes and yoga’s you can stay healthy and fresh in summers.

Here is a exercise which will be beneficial for you in Summer Body Workout.

  • Stand on your left foot and lift your right foot, by griping a pair of dumbbells. Make an angle that your right lower leg should be parallel to the floor bend your knee as. Turn forward ay your hips, and slowly lower your body. After it push your body back to the initial point/position. As you turn up push your hips forward instead of lifting from your back. Keep engaged and chest up during the whole exercise.

Work for sweating will help to lose weight and stay fresh but start it regularly more sweating will cause of illness. Use of machines will also help you to stay healthy and fresh in summers.

Summer exercise is not totally about weight loss and dieting it is important because it helps to remain fresh, active and healthy without fats. So don’t make it a part of your dieting plan you exercise plan should be enjoyable. With exercise fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and fresh water should be the part of your summer exercise plan. Enjoy your healthy and happy life with summer blessings.