Make Your Diet According To Your Blood Type


Eating according to your blood type keeps you healthier and can help you live longer and healthier. There are chemical reactions occurring in our blood because of the food we eat.

These reactions are generally dependent on our genetic heredity.

O Blood Group

People with type O blood group should eat a diet consisting a protein rich meat, like green meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.  Beans, grains and dairy should be eaten lightly in their day to day meal.

If you want to lose weight, try eating sea food, red meat, spinach, and broccoli. Avoid wheat, corn, and cabbage. Try eating salt to lower the levels of iodine in your system to give an optimal thyroid function.

A Blood Group

People with type A blood group tend to have poor digestion system and a sensitivity to foods coming from animals. So they should try vegetarian food like legumes, grains, fruits and other vegetables. They should try eating soya beans, vegetables, pineapple to lose weight and avoid main dairy products, beans and wheat. Fish and poultry should be limited. Since people with blood type A produce fewer meal digestion enzymes which is why they have such a half time digesting capacity to red meat.  Try including a higher percentage of wheat, grains, cereals etc in your stable diet.

B Blood Group

Type B people can digest meat products with ease; hence most of your meals should include red meat, beef, and lamb. Also try including dairy products like yogurt, cheese and milk to your diet. Leafy greens and vegetables and fruits like banana, grapes, plum etc should benefit people with type B blood.  Try to avoid grains, corn, rai, and wheat. And nuts like peanut, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds are a den to change the way to your metabolized food.

AB Blood Group

Type AB is the newest blood group and the rarest. They share traits with type A and type B and hence have a lot more to choose from. They can digest meats like type B that also tend to store it as fat. They tend to a low metabolism that traits is shared by type A. type AB blood group people should eat vegetable rich food and include tofu, dairy products, like cherries, watermelon and figs to their diet. And also eat easily digestible foods, like sea food, salmon, tuna etc. they should avoid meats like red meat since it could be difficult to digest for them. They should also moderate the conception of caffeine and alcohol.