How To Dress When You Are Overweight


Learning how to dress up according t your body type is as important as your facial beauty is. There is always a way open for you with any body type and size you hold. It just needs to learn some tricks how to accentuate something very beautiful or positive you have in your body. It will automatically draw attention of the viewer from the bad areas or aspects of your personality and develop your confidence.

We definitely cannot change everything in our body that we don’t like, though overweight can be handled with some efforts. But here we are not offering you with the tips to reduce your weight fast! Life is short; don’t waste it in vagaries and worries. Learn to chill with whatever God has made us like. It will take your level of confidence a considerable level up and increase your productivity in every sphere of life. Here you can find useful clothing tips for fat girls so they look smart. Ah.. really good news for lazy girls!

  • First rule is to hide your fat belly. Don’t wear shirts / kurtas which are too tight at belly and the shape of your belly peeps out of it. Though shape-wears help for this, but not perfectly. Especially in lawn dress, lumps are seen where there is no shape-wear on body.
  • Use basic neckline designs on shirts / kurtas you wear. Complicated neckline design will make your figure blunt. Your shirt / kurta fitting matters a lot in showing your positive or negative curves. Keep your body curves little stretched, but don’t overdo on belly.
  • Invest good in your undergarments. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful dress, but not having a perfect base to pull it right. Don’t compromise on quality but don’t worry to try different sizes as a particular number may come in different size under different brands.
  • Choosing right shape undergarments according to your body type works really considerable. Wearing proper shape is as important as to wear them itself. Never try thicker padded garments when you are already fatty. It may ruin your overall look.
  • Find and try the right style in your outfits according to your body shape, i.e. apple, pear, diamond, rectangle, triangle, etc. This will help you choose the right shape-wear to adopt with your pretty party dresses. However lawn dresses are usually not worn with shape-wears.
  • You cannot definitely hide all your curves though you can engage the viewer in some positive aspects of your personality. Don’t wear extra long shirts or kurtas, it will add more volume unnecessarily; instead, try shorter kurtas.
  • Wearing belt accessories will also work great in this aspect. It will not just add charm to your look but also make it interesting. Belts are in top trends of summer 2017 Avoid using too bold or fancy belts.
  • Honestly.. I take heals the worst in fashion accessories! But some girls love it. Choose a little heal according to your dress; it will give you height and make you look longer. Wearing flat sandal with tight pant is not a good idea.
  • Don’t let your trouser or pant cuff lie on your ankles, rather keep it up your ankles. Don’t wear bell-bottom trousers at over-weight body; it will make you look even heavier.

At the end, let me say again, life is too short to be more troubled about checklists and rule. Don’t be concerned with what others think or feel and wear what you love to and feel comfortable in. Love yourself!