How To Apply Mascara


Mascara is a type of cosmetic which we use to look beautiful and attractive. Without mascara beauty of our eyes is incomplete so our overall beauty remains incomplete. So, to look beautiful use of mascara is most important. Here are some hacks for the use of mascara.

Mascara Hacks

Bend The Brush. This shape of brush will make the brush easier to control and use.

Coat Both Sides Of Your Lashes. The best hack of mascara is, Coat both sides of your lashes, if you coat one side of your lashes and don’t coat the other side it means your makeup is incomplete. Coating of both sides is necessary for curly and long lashes.

Use mascara at the end. Do your all makeup but leave your lashes bare, at the end use mascara, it is one of the most important hack.

Soak Mascara Tube In Hot Water. Soak mascara tube/bottle in hot water if it is not expired and some of its quantity is adhere with the walls of bottle. By soaking the bottle in the cup of hot water, you can use the remaining mascara for next days.

Lush Lower Lashes. Lush your lower lashes with mascara. Don’t curl it to upside curl it down side just in shape of a straight line.

Use Branded Product. Use branded mascara and don’t use a local product if you want fine results, because cheap quality can harm or damage your eyes.

Doubling Up the Layer. If the color of your lashes is light and you want dark and long lasting color, by doubling up the layer you can get darker and attractive eye lashes.

Wipe it off. Wipe off excess mascara on a tissue to prevent clumps, because newly opened bottle can transfer a lot of extra liquid with brush which will cause the clumpy lashes. To avoid this, wipe off excess mascara on a tissue or piece of paper for first few uses.