Fiza Ali Talks About Her Abusive Father


Fiza Ali doesn’t give a lot of interviews and she has never talked about her family or personal life in detail. She has come a long way in the past few years in particular. Fiza Ali is particularly liked for her casual and chirpy style. Lately, she got married for the second time and she has a beautiful daughter Faraal from her first husband.

When Fiza Ali was invited as a guest on GNN’s talk show, she talked about a certain reality of her past which in many ways influenced her relationships as well. Fiza Ali told the host and the viewers that although till now she has told in every single interview that her father was dead but the fact is that she has no clue where her father is because he is no longer a part of her life.

Fiza Ali revealed a shocking aspect of her past. She said that her father used to beat her mother badly and even when she was pregnant with Fiza Ali, he once hit her mother so badly that she injured her lower jaw to an extent that there was blood everywhere. That is something which the neighbors told her about later on.

Fiza Ali also shared that her father never looked after her mother or his children. He never earned for the family but her mother came from an affluent background. She also said,

“My mother did everything for us, she also played the role which my father was supposed to play in our lives. My father means nothing to me, he was my mother’s husband and that’s it.”

Fiza Ali also said that the fact that her father never looked after them and also abused her mother physically, affected her friendships too. Fiza shared that she was never friends with girls who were close to their fathers. If a girl said she loved her father, it meant she could never be Fiza’s friend.