Fawad Khan’s Extremely Romantic Photoshoot With Sadaf


Fawad khan is a Pakistani actor, a versatile model and singer. He is famous by his debut in dramas “Dastaan” and “Humsafar”. He is known as chocolate hero of Pakistan now days. He has a lot of fans including young girls. He married to Sadaf in 2005. His fans want to know how Fawad khan acts with his wife as he can easily romance with young ladies in movies and dramas. His fans are interested to know how he is with her wife in real life.

A very recent gossip about their photoshoots in masala magazine speaks their strong chemistry between them. They look too romantic in this photoshoot. Everyone looks happy to see this charming couple. It is said that Sadaf is really a luckiest girl in the world having a handsome husband like Fawad Khan.

Even after many years of marriage they look happy and very much in love. If we compare Fawad khan’s photoshoots with other models, no doubt Sadaf wins overall. Every Pakistani couple should take inspiration from this couple how to look happy and loving.

A big thank goes to masala magazine for bringing them together, because this beautiful and charming couple has not been advertised in a photoshoot before because people suppose this could be up to Sadaf who felt ashamed for such kind of things before. Masala magazine photoshoots make their fans go “aaaaw”. These photoshoots show their chemistry so heartwarming and they truly look a perfect couple in love and beauty department.