Dieting Plans


Your food selection every day has an effect on your fitness; the way you feel these days, the next days, and within the future. A proper nutrient is an essential part of leading a healthy life-style. Mixed with physical interest, your dieting plan will let you to attain and maintain a healthy weight, lessen your chance of continual illnesses and promote your normal fitness.

It’s natural trend to use light food in summers. In summer, your food is shifted from high to low calories.

Water is a better choice instead of soft drinks while you are on dieting. After water; fresh juices are best part of your diet plan. In summers there are varieties of fruits and vegetables which can be part of your dieting plan. Fruit smoothies and milkshakes are best choice. Salads are easy to prepare at home, eating fresh salads in summers during dieting is also best choice of your plan. Don’t skip meals during dieting these are important for your health

Here’s a summer diet plan that you can follow.

Breakfast: Eat 2-3 fresh fruits at the time of breakfast. Fruits are natural source of energy that can neutralize your stomach acids and you will feel easy and active.

Mid-Morning: Take some yogurt with light sugar or a cup of butter milk, it will refresh you.

Lunch: Take a bowl of fresh Salad (you can add fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh boiled beans).

Evening:  Take fruit smoothie or yogurt smoothie. You will feel active and fresh.

Dinner: During summers, try to take a light dinner. But you can take baked chicken with sweet potato and mushrooms. You can eat rice for one or two times in a week. Boiled rice with boiled beans are also suitable for diet plan, but not for daily routine.

When you plan a diet chart, you should avoid following things during your dieting.

  • Avoid alcohol and high sugar drinks.
  • Avoid chilled and soft drinks.
  • Try to avoid dry fruits.
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Don’t take spicy, salty and fried foods.