Celebrities Are Seeking Justice For Salahuddin


Pakistani celebrities are coming out to seek justice for Salahuddin. He was caught stealing cards from ATM machine and making faces at CCTV camera. Later, he was caught by police and in police custody he was badly tortured due to which he died. This news shocked everyone. People are going crazy over this, they cannot believe that police tortured him to death.

#IamSalahuddin is trending on Twitter. Our celebrities are standing up for him.

Armeena Khan compares Salahuddin with Bhola due to his mental illness.

Hamza Ali Abbasi believes a country cannot prosper without justice.

Here is a clip of Salahuddin’s mother from an interview:

Twitteratis are posting photos in the same pose which Salahuddin did in CCTV camera. They are calling out Punjab government to take strict action against it.

Lets have a look at some tweets:

Due to outrage on social media, FIR has been lodged against police officials.