Badam Doodh Recipe


Badam Doodh is most healthy and energizing drink. Ingredients that are used in Badam Doodh are; milk, ghee, sugar, green cardamom and almonds. We will use soaked almonds in Badam Doodh because soaked almonds are easily digestible.

Badam Doodh is suitable for kids as well for adults. Badam Doodh is suitable for skin, sharps the mind, improves eye sight, builds strong bones and removes constipation. So, we can say that Badam Doodh is best solution for all these problems. It is more beneficial for health.

You can use it in both hot and cold form. If you want to drink it cold then not use ghee/oil just bland the paste in milk with ice cubes and serve it. Hot Badam Doodh is useful in winters and cold is used in summers.