Baby Shower Trends


A Baby Shower is a perfect opportunity to for everyone to join the expectant lady for the excitement and celebration of her special time. Baby Shower is getting more prominent place in the event list in 2017. So you can find new traditions belonging to Baby Shower in Pakistan for 2017.

Baby Showers are becoming more the part of our social or family event over past few years, and it is continued to become more relaxed and refined sophistication. You will not find the Baby Shower event bound to any strict rules anymore and slowly it’s moving to catch modern themes and trends with event planners.

Like any other event plan, Baby Shower will also follow the same rules to be planned. Just select a theme, define number of guests, choose your invitation card designs, and decide the things of special consideration for your special event. The themes with the sense of excitement and festivity are more in trends for Baby Shower. Moreover, you can define a theme color according to your baby gender if you know it already. Some people feel it difficult to follow a theme when they are arranging the event theirselves, but actually choosing a theme will make the event planning process easier for you.

Photography has become a vital part of the Baby Shower event like any other special occasions. Mum-to-be makes special poses for the photoshoot on her special day. Yes you read it right! The theme selection is also more important so that your photoshoot becomes more beautiful and memorable. You would love to keep the sweet and beautiful memories of your first Baby Shower with you lifetime. Theme can be including anything of the choice of mum-to-be or the expectant couple, i.e. balloons, flowers, favorite fruit of mum-to-be, baby accessories, toys, chocolate, cakes, or just green plants.

Light blue for baby boy and light pink for baby girl is usually considered appropriate, but white color theme for both genders is becoming more popular trend 2017 for Baby Showers. You can give a touch of blue or pink in some of the decorative items if you want, otherwise whole theme can go white, no problem. If you don’t like white for theme, choose any other elegant but light color for theme; sharp colors are not fit to this event. Make the arrangements in a way that it does not disturb for the games and activities planned for your Baby Shower.

If the gender of baby is revealed, you can choose activities or games accordingly. Let me give you an idea about a Baby Shower activity. If you plan a color sprinkling game and gender revealed is a girl, choose pink for colors, in other case blue for boys, and if the gender is not known you can choose purple. Following these tips and ideas you can make an elegant and awesome Baby Shower event according to trends 2017.