Apple Salad Recipe


Apple salad is much favorite around here. It offers a balance diet to you. Children and adults like to eat it in any season or any time, because it’s not just like a heavy food that you can’t digest it, rather! It’s very light salad for stomach.

Apple salad not requires much time to ready, you can make it within maximum 15 minutes. Ingredients which are used in Apple salad are; apple, cabbage, cucumber, yogurt, cream, salt, black pepper, white pepper, lemon juice, walnut, raisins(kishmish). Walnut and raisins are used to decorate the Apple salad.  You can use some more fruits in apple Salad like; grapes, pineapples etc. which will give a yummy taste to your apple salad but these are not necessary these are some additional ingredients.

Serve your homemade Apple salad to your Guest or family they will really enjoy it.