Yeh Raha Dil Review

Yeh Raha Dil Review

Yeh Raha Dil is Pakistani drama which aired on HUM TV on 13 February 2017.

Yeh Raha Dil drama is adorable, and everyone loves to watch it, because each and every thing is wonderful. If we talk about its development it’s really awesome. I must say writer of this drama is a great person who added such a wonderful characters in this drama, he made us fall in love with each character of this drama. Because if one of them acts harshly, in very next moment that person feels guilt for his/her act. Writer has added so many shades into all these characters and has given them a unique personality because of which when they all come together, they make it look like a cocktail which has so many different flavors.

Some of its episodes are emotional but everything was done in right manner.

The team of drama “Yeh Raha Dil” has done work hard for it and that’s why this drama is so wonderful. Everything is balanced that makes it more interesting.

Anam Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi are playing an amazing role along with Ahmed Ali. Yumna Zaidi and Ahmed Ali are playing the main role.

Its episode 13 was a little bit on the serious and slower side but still had a great time watching it, because its writer has managed and balanced it in a very wonderful manner that we want to see it more.

The character of Hassan was very rigid, serious and focused but it was enjoyable, as Hayat keeps on pestering him. Hayat and Sidra kept on pushing all the wrong things because they continued to do good that was bothering him.

It was plan that Affaq was devising for Hayyat to give her what was entitled to. Fatima was tried to make her daughter understand that everything which Affaq was doing was seemingly for her. Nida was also confused about herself that if she is still in love or she just want to steal him away from Hayyat. Affaq was trying to be fair with both of his daughters. Fatima knew that why Affaq was doing much for Nida because he was actually planning to return everything to Hayat that belonged to her. That’s why Fatima was ruines Affaq’s plan.

When Zaki opened that what was in his heart, Zaki and Hayat got serious conversation for the first time. He told that he was not interested in getting married to Nida. Hayat feels that Zaki should get married to Nida because he was in love with her for few days. She also doesn’t want this friendship that they both share to be ruined.

I must say thank you “yeh Raha Dil” team for such an effort and struggle.