Thick Peach Milkshake Recipe

Peach Shake

Thick Peach Milkshake Recipe,healthy shake is great to enjoy your day. Make it and take it on the go, drink it for breakfast or enjoy it as a healthy shake. If fresh peaches aren’t in season, choose tinned or frozen peaches but drain the excess sauce so it’s not too syrupy.

 Health Benefits:

Thick Peach Milkshake Recipe is a great cause of Beta Carotene and along with the nectarine delivers a sufficient amount of Vitamin C. Because your body cannot store Vitamin C, it is very important to get it from the diets you eat every day. Full of antioxidants and fiber and the milk gives you the calcium and protein to make this peach shake very healthy and delicious, indeed. Peaches also have small amounts of Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B-6, thiamin, riboflavin, and much more. Consumption of peaches, on a regular basis, can keep your bowel movements regular and even prevent straining.

Thick Peach Milkshake Recipe

Peach Shake


 Peach                     2 Tin

Ice                          1 cup

Milk                         1 cup

Orange powder       2 tablespoon

Vanilla ice-cream     4 scoop

Sugar                      1 tablespoon


  1. In a blender combine all ingredients.
  2. When put the shake in the serving glass
  3. Then put beated ice-cream over it.