Sohai Ali Abro Signs New Film


Adnan Sarwar’s New Film, and Sohai Ali Abro’s Role

Sohai Ali Abro has been signed to play Zenith Irfan’s upcoming film ‘The Motorcycle Girl’.

Sohai Ali Abro has been signed to play a role of “The Motorcycle Girl” in Adnan Sarwar’s new film. This film will be an independent production which will be picturized  under the banners of Logos Films. Sohai is excited for her new role and it is expected to be boosted for the film profile among the mainstream cinema audience.
This idea is taken from the boundary breaking journey of Zenith Irfan. She is first Pakistani girl who dared to ride solo through northern areas. So actually this idea is taken from the journey of Zenith Irfan.

For this role, first of all Sohai will learn to ride a motorcycle and she will pass through this same journey.
This film is being written and directed by Adnan Sarwar, and is expected to be release in winter of 2017.