Sahir Lodhi Bashed The Young Lady So Badly


So Sahir Lodhi is back in the news highlights once again!

When Ramzan Kareem begins, so many mainstream celebrities rush toward live Ramzan transmission to make their appearance. It’s going to become a tradition now that celebrities appear in Ramzan transmission for commercialization purpose and to boost their fame among public and social communities. No matter which local channel you switch to on Sehr and Iftar time, you will be watching a celebrity hosting the Ramzan transmission which is becoming a prevailing trend of the time.

Sahir Lodhi is the host of TV One’s Ramzan Transmission. Just recently Sahir Lodhi bashed the young lady so badly in show Ramzan transmission, Ramzan Ishq, TV One. A young lady made a speech in which she challenged Quiad-e-Azam in the speech segment of the show. On hearing that Sahir Lodhi lost her control and stopped her speaching any further.

People criticized Sahir Lodhi in so many directions. Some people took it as it was all planned to get higher ranking of Sahir Lodhi Ramzan transmission and it was all scripted. Some people took it just as a usual over reaction habit of Sahir Lodhi. Sahir Lodhi lost control and bashed the young lady so badly in his live show.

Watch the video below.

Sahir Lodhi Bashed The Young Lady So Badly