Saba Qamar Interview | Ideal Husband

Saba Qamar Interview | Ideal Husband 2

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, Saba Qamar reveals her views about love and affairs, and an ideal life partner she would prefer. Saba Qamar reveals that she doesn’t believe in love affairs at all.

“Pyar kis chirya ka naam hai, I don’t believe in love!” she said. The interviewer asked if she ever fell in love. She replied, “Yes I was in love. But I have not found someone yet with whom I would want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Telling about her ideal life partner she said “I want such a person to be a part of my life with whom I don’t have to say much and he understands.”

She talked about her ideal in so meaningful way saying “The respect of your partner is very important so that it appears that you are with a ‘Banday ka Puttar’ and not an ‘Uloo ka Patha’. So there is no one yet which I can say that he deserves me!”