Resham Views About Her Status


Resham is a Pakistani film and television actress who is very attractive and stunning personality of Pakistani film and fashion industry. She has done work on number of channels. She has done work in many movies and television shows.

Resham belongs to Faisalabad; she is the gorgeous and beautiful model of Pakistan who belongs to Faisalabad. She has all the qualities with perfect height and perfect figure regarding modeling. Resham is the most innocent and young model of Pakistan.

Resham is also known as Reshma who appear in the famous movie “Ye Dill Apka Hoa” any many others. Resham is the oldest actress in Pakistani media but earned a respectable career in fashion industry.

Sometime ago people spread a news about Resham to damage her image and personality but in the reply she said that she has never gain popularity form doing cheap publicity, she said that she has done lot of hard work in gaining popularity.

Resham gave her views about her status. She said that she never forget her status, she always remember as it. Resham said that my real name is Saima and Resham id her filmi name. She said that she always remembers her past and reality that what was she in her past. In the answer of a question Resham said that it’s not true that I don’t want to get married, obviously I will get married but I am in the wait of a sincere and person.

Filmstar Resham