Ramadan In 2017


Here is good news for the Muslims of Pakistan that the Ramadan will begin in the evening of Friday, 26 May; and it will continue for 30 days till Saturday, 24 June. Ramadan is always on the same date according the Islamic calendar, but it moves in the Gregorian calendar about 11 days every year. Its date depends either the moon is sighted or not, that’s why its date vary from country to country.

This month is a blessing of ALLAH, because it is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a time for charity; a proper schedule is arranged for this month. Muslims avoid eating and drinking during all the day time during Fast. They also avoid to doing certain activities. At the end of the day to sunset, Muslims break the fast.

Muslims should do the same activities in the others months too. Because Islam doesn’t teach that we should do all these activities only in this month.

Females should plan a proper time table for this month. In this holy month the activities of women  are also increased. They do all the work with proper schedule, because they arrange special dishes for Sehar-o-Iftar and also plan a proper time table for the recitation of Holy Quran and prayers. If they don’t plan a proper time table then it will be difficult to manage all the works in this month. Job holder ladies seem busier in Ramadan, because they manage all the work with job. To avoid this issue they should do half part of the work of Iftar after Sehari, by doing this they can manage all the work in a proper way. Things which have to fry should freeze at the beginning of this month. Remaining all other works which are manageable,  should manage before this month so that you can give a proper time to prayers and recitation.

Now Ramadan comes in summers, so don’t eat spicy things at the time of sehari and Iftar. Don’t drink much water at the time of Iftar.  Use fresh juices. So that you can take care of your health.

This month brings a festival for Muslims. Muslims celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitar at the end of this month.