Rabri Doodh Recipe


Rabri doodh is a sweet and refreshing cold drink. It is a nutrition food. Everyone loves to drink Rabri doodh. Rabri doodh is made from milk, almonds, Rabri and pistachio. Rabri doodh is a traditional drink of Pakistani culture.

Rabri is a sweet milk product and consists very hard layers of malai. Rabri has a sweet and creamy taste. Addition of dry fruits in Rabri makes it more delicious and healthy. Rabri is most common in all over the Pakistan.

Milk contains many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Calcium present in milk absorbed by the body and phosphorus helps to absorb and utilize calcium. Milk also provides vitamin B2 that contributes to promote healthy skin and eyes. It also contains vitamin A and D.

For breakfast and lunch milk and milk products like Rabri milk provides nutrients. You can serve Rabri milk at the time of breakfast or lunch.

Rabri milk is beneficial especially for kids, as milk provides essential nutrients that are necessary for bones and teeth.

Rabri doodh is most commonly used in summers.