Rabi Peer Zada Is Working For An Upcoming Movie

Rabi Peer Zada Is Working For An Upcoming Movie

Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada has gained her popularity with her songs but now she is making a debut with the upcoming movie Shor Sharaba. Rabi peer Zada is a daughter of former Pakistani officer Major Humayun Pirzada

Rabi stayed away from the film industry due to her conservative family who has never allowed her to venture into films and they have never gave permission for  that type of movies that were being produced until a few years ago. She told that sort of cinema was tarnishing the reputation of Pakistan with below part stories and vulgar content, that’s why I kept myself busy with singing and television.

She told that now she is working for film with the permission of her family now they are agree because she spotted a ray of hope when quality films began adorning cinemas screens across Pakistan in recent years, new films/movies are entertainment centric and are script based on lighter topics and these films has featured new talent which was a welcome change so that’s why I am working for it.

Makers of the movie Shor Sharaba have officially switched off their cameras and launched the production phase of this movie.

Shooting of this film has completed in just about 55 days with Indian director Hasnain Hyderabad Wala and Reshma Khan. Final editing of and post production of the film will be completed in Dubai.

Hopefully this film will be released on Eid-Ul-azha.

Sohail khan said that “I have produced Shor Sharaba for all classes of Pakistani society for those people who want to see good art that why I made sure to include both new and old faces while finalizing the cast. When question was asked about his decision to collaborate with Indian film makers then Khan said that this is not the first time he is taking up the project; he also said that “I actually began a co-production with Indian about 10 years ago.

Shor Sharaba