Pudinay Ki Chutney Recipe For Ramadan



Pudinay Ki Chutney is one of the favorite chutney. You can take Pudinay Ki Chutney with Fries, Dahi Phulkiyan and many other dishes.  This chutney is served with vegetable kabab, vegetable shammi kabab, aloo tikka, chicken tikka. Last week I have made snacks and I also serve Pudinay Ki Chutney with snacks.


The ingredients used in Pudinay Ki Chutney are Pudina, Green chili, coriander, ginger paste, salt.

Benefits of Mint:

The mint used in Pudinay Ki Chutney has many benefits. It is herb which means freshness. It contains antioxidents, the menthol present in pudina  helps the enzymes necessary for digestion.


Mint also have antibacterial properties. It gives you acne. it helps to relieve cough and cold.

It prevents allergies and asthma.

Mint leaves boosts immunity. It contains nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, D and E and small amount of vitamin B complex.


Mint can prevent various types of cancers. It prevents skin cancer, lungs cancer


Ingredients and Quantity:

Pudinay k Pattay: 1 cup

Green chili: 2

Coriander: 1 cup

Yogurt:1 cup

Garlic: 6-8 pieces

Cumin: 1 tablespoon

Salt: As required

Pudinay Ki Chutney Recipe For Ramadan:


Take the curd in the bowl and beat it with egg beater till it gets smooth.

Mix the spice powder and salt with the curd.

Grind mint leaves, coriander leaves, garlic, green chili with little water to make smooth paste.

Mix the green chutney with curd.

Blend both curd and pudina mixture.

Pudina Chutney is ready for serving.

Serve the mint chutney with any tandoori snack

Pudinay Ki Chutney Recipe For Ramadan: