Possession Poem By Zeenat Iqbal

Possession Poem By Zeenat Iqbal, English poems


 Possession Poem By Zeenat Iqbal, Zeenat iqbal hakimjee is a housewife and educated lady as well. She writes beautiful poems. She is very capable lady. She started getting recipes published which were popular write-ups and easier on the mind, heirlooms from mom, mom-in-law and aunts. When the recipes were acclaimed she was further motivated to do her house-work.


Possession Poem By Zeenat Iqbal


I own you; your every movement is mine

To do as I please

Why did you do this why did you do that


Raise your voice, or your eyelid bat

It’s out of the question I won’t let you out of my sight

You belong to me only to me, you are my birth right


Just the other day your momentary absence felt like multitude

Was it the toilet or were you astray

I am suspicious, you I possess.

Do not leave me, I shall feel the betray

Your look and smile elsewhere, your touch

Are all for me, me only

From others, to be kept at bay

Do not ever make a start with darling, for another

It will make the other want to come hither

I feel bold and beautiful in your presence

But am at a loss in your absence

I own, you, you I possess




 Enraged I stroll towards

The counter

To involve myself in

A brutal encounter

The salesman gave me rupees

Five less

A gruesome mistake that

He should confess

Was the well aware

Of it

Or did the mistakenly

Di it

Remains to be seen

Or is it

My frustration built in.



 While jogging I tripped over lace

Next time tied my shoes with grace

I sang out of tune at the dinner

Practice, well almost made me a crooner

I fell when somebody pulled the chair away

Brushed my right hand, to my utter dismay

It was my turn, I said

Tit for tat

And hurt to my content

The guilty brat

In the run with

Trial and error

I have grown to be

A lot wiser

Possession Poem By Zeenat Iqbal