Podeny Ki Chatni Recipe

Podeny Ki Chatni Recipe 2

Mint sauce is the most favorite in Pakistan. Mint is called “Podena’ in Urdu. Mint sauce is very fragrant, refreshing and tasty and sauce. This tangy sauce is made from mint leaves, garlic, coriander leaves and other spices. Yogurt can be also used in this sauce.

Mint is a common herb and contains many benefits. Mint benefits include good digestion, comfort from nausea, depression, fatigue and headache. It also helps to skin care problems and weight loss. Mint is an appetizer. Mint is also used for cough medicines. In case of indigestion you can use mint sauce with your normal food.

Pregnant women can also use mint sauce, because it helps in digestion and indigestion, because these are common problems during pregnancy. Mint is able to fight against morning sickness during pregnancy. But in early pregnancy women should avoid to eat mint as it is harmful for early pregnancy.

Mint sauce can serve with tandoori and fried items like finger chips, fry fish and other types of side starter dishes. Pakistanis eat various types of sauces, but mint sauce is most favorite in all over the country. Almost all the restaurants in the country serve mint sauce as a tradition.