Noor Bukhari Kicked Her Husband Out From Hotel!


News about Noor Bukhari is spread like fire around the industry that she has filed a divorce notice against her husband Hamid Wali Khan in March. So everybody knows from this news that nothing is going good between them two from long time. But situation becomes more seductive and critical when public starts talking about it.

Actress Noor Bukhari was seen in a private hotel at Lahore attending an event last evening. Suddenly her husband Hamid Wali Khan joined her in the event and took the seat beside her. Before he could talk to actress Noor Bukhari, she enraged at him. Public could hear them talking so irritably when Noor Bukhari asked him why did he come at the event and both they had no relation any more.

Getting the situation loud, hotel management interfered the issue to get it resolved between the couple. But Noor Bukhari strictly asked her husband Hamid Wali Khan to leave the event. So the hotel management ‘kicked out’ Hamid Wali Khan on strict behavior of his wife Noor Bukhari.

Well… Public has already seen a verbal fighting clips of Noor Bukhari with her ex-husband Vikram  in 2010 and the similar situation is seen at Lahore last evening. After getting divorce from three husbands and the news of filing divorce from fourth husband, public does not take it so serious about Noor Bukhari.

Later speaking to media Noor Bukhari told that it was her personal issue and she is not willing to explain anything to public or media; however she indicated to tender her reply in the court. Hamid Wali Khan also avoided explaining the matter saying that he did not like to expose his personal issue in media. While talking to media he said, “I was just here to convey my best wishes, but not to discuss any personal issues with her”. “Noor is still my wife.” he added.