Mutton Stove Recipe For Ramadan



Mutton Stove is one of the favorite dishes of Pakistan. Mutton Stove is a traditional dish. We can make Mutton Stove in lunch or also on special occasions.


I have also experienced to make Mutton Stove at home. The ingredients used in Mutton Stove are Mutton, Yogurt, Red chili, Garam masala, Onion, Oil, Garlic Ginger paste, Tomato and Coriander. Mutton Stove is very delicious recipe. It’s a spicy recipe. To increase the taste of Mutton Stove serve it with green chili sauce.

Ingredients and Quantity:

Mutton: ½ kg.


Yogurt: ½ cup.

Red chili: 10.

Garam masala: ½ teaspoon.


Small Onion: ¼ kg.

Oil: ½ cup.

Garlic Ginger paste: 1 teaspoon.

Tomatoes: ½ cup.

Coriander: As required.


Heat oil in Pan and any fry onions in oil.

Then cook mutton in another pan and add Red chili, Garlic Ginger paste, yogurt, garam masala.

If required then add 1 cup of hot water in mutton.

Then add yogurt, tomatoes and fried onions.

When the oil appears on top then dish it out. Sprinkle garam masala and coriander on it.


Delicious Mutton Stove is ready to eat.

Mutton Stove Recipe For Ramadan

Benefits of Mutton:

Mutton is good for heart:

It contains saturated fats and low cholesterol and is safe for those with heart problems.

Reduces Risk of Cancer:

Mutton or Goat meat reduces risk of cancer. It is beneficial for preventing cancer.

Reduces Obesity:

Goat Meat contains a lot of proteins with low amount of fat. It is ideal for losing weight.

Beneficial for your Brain:

It improves the strength of memory in children and helps in proper brain development.

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Mutton Stove Recipe