Mughlai Nargisi Pulao For Ramadan

Mughlai Nargisi Pulao For Ramadan,


Mughlai Nargisi Pulao is well liked Pakistani dish. It has a spicy taste and texture. Mughlai Nargisi Pulao is a traditional Pakistani dish. If you want to eat spicy dish then you are exactly at the right place.


You can entertain your guests by serving Mughlai Nargisi Pulao because Mughlai Nargisi Pulao is very delicious dish to eat.

Rice used in Mughlai Nargisi Pulao is healthy for our health. Rice contains no gluten, which makes it one of best non allergic food.

Mughlai Nargisi Pulao is mostly made on special occasions like Eid, Parties. Mughlai Nargisi Pulao is a delicious  dish which is present in every party and every person enjoys eating it. Mughlai Nargisi Pulao includes in the most famous dishes of Pakistan.


Ingredients and Quantity:

Chicken ( boiled ) =: ½ kg

Black pepper: 1 tea spoon.


Brown onion: 1 cup.

All spice: 1 tea spoon.


Garlic ginger paste: 1 table spoon.

Oil: ¾ cup.

Yogurt: 1 cup.

Boiled eggs: 4.

Salt: 1 tea spoon.

Boiled rice: ½ kg.

Milk: ½  cup.

Kewra: 1 tea spoon.


Heat oil and add all the spices, garlic ginger paste, boiled mutton.

Fry for 5 minutes.

Add yogurt, salt, black pepper, spices, red chili and boiled eggs and then mix it well.

Spread boiled rice on top.

Sprinkle saffron mixed with milk and kewra.

Cover and cook for 15 minutes on low flame.

Mughlai Nargisi Pulao For Ramadan,

Mughlai Nargisi Pulao dish is less in calories.

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