Momina Mustehsan Naat For Ramzan Transmission

momina mustehsan naat for ramzan

Momina Mustahsan is Pakistani singer and also song writer. First time she raised to prominence as a co-singer and writer Farhan Saeed’s single “Pee Jaun”. Momina got familiarity when she marked her debut as a featured artist in Coke Studio season 9, where she performed with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and received critical appraisal. The song was became one of the most viewed songs of Coke Studio and Momina Musthahsan became one of the most sought out media personalities in Pakistan.

After Momina’s much famed Coke Studio debut Momina won people’s heart with her soothing voice and gorgeous looks. In personal life or singing career, Momina clearly knows how to stay in the headlines. She sang a song for Islamabad United but didn’t go down to well with the fans who criticized each and everything.

Now Momina is back again but in a completely different way. The most charming singer will next be seen in a Ramzan transmission, presenting her rendition of Qaseeda Burda Sharif. The rendition has been produced by Shiraz Uppal and will be released during Ramzan. She recited this Qaseeda for the Ramzan special show of a private channel; it is absolutely affecting and lyrical.

Momina has delivered and explanation of the famous naat for the Ramzan transmission of A-Plus Ittehad Ramzan.  This show will give a lesson and will show the brotherhood among the people because this show will take 30 different celebrities to 30 different Muslims cities.

This naat has gotten 1.6 million views and have 80,000 likes and 40,000 shares on Facebook.

The reason behind Momina’s presence in this show and naat is that naat brings many different worlds together. Momina’s performance has largely gotten approval from the masses. People are appreciating her voice and her beautiful appearance in the video.

Momina Mustahsan