Meera Jee Funny Interview

Meera Jee Funny Interview

Most popular Pakistani film actress Meera keeps on the highlights whenever she appears in some occasion or event in showbiz. Sometimes she becomes the center of attraction for her beautiful gimmicks and sometimes she becomes a victim of censure for her ‘Englash’.  She has also been in news highlights for her wedding proposals and sometimes for her controversial statements about wedding. Media also has been spreading the news about her age. There have been a lot of videos about Meera Jee funny interview.

Here you can also check Meera Jee funny interview in an award show held in April 2017. She is totally hilariously claiming her age 16. Is Meera’s age 16? You can also see how the anchor is making fun of Meera for being single and how she will get someone to become her ‘Patti’ saying ‘Kon banay ga mera Patti?’. It’s one of the hilarious videos of Meera I have seen. How the anchor is trolling her and she is following the order ‘Zara ghoom ke dikhaein’ is just hilarious!

Check the video of Meera Jee funny interview and have fun!