Malai Seekh Kabab Recipe For Ramadan.



Malai Seekh Kababs are soft with mouthwatering taste. Malai Seekh Kabab Recipe is everyone’s favorite Recipe. The ingredients used in Malai Seekh Kabab Recipe are Beef, onion, green chili, Red chili, Egg, Yogurt, Cream.


Malai Seekh Kababs are also made in iftar. I have also experienced to make Malai Seekh Kababs in iftar time at home. These kababs are not very heavy to eat. You can also eat Malai Seekh Kabab with dhaniya chatni or imli ki chutni.

On Baqra eid, Malai Seekh Kababs are especially made in homes. Because of their delicious taste, people prefer to made Malai Seekh Kababs at homes.

Ingredients and Quantity:


Keema: ½ kg

Poodina: 2 tablespoon

Coriander: 2 tablespoon


Onion: 1

Egg yolk: 1

Oil: 2-3 tablespoon

Cream: 2 tablespoon

Red chili: 1 tablespoon

Green chili: 4

Garlic Ginger paste: 1 tablespoon


Garam masala: 1 tablespoon

Black pepper: ½ teaspoon


In a chopper add beef, green chili, red chili, garlic ginger paste, salt, all spices and chop it well.

Now add Cream, Egg and Yogurt in minced meat.

Fix the meat on the skewers.

Heat the oven at 200c. now put the pan in the oven and add oil.

When the oil gets hot, fry kababs in it.

Malai Seekh Kabab are ready.

Serve it with chutney.

Malai Seekh Kabab Recipe For Ramadan:

Benefits of Beef:

Beef used in Malai Seekh Kababs contains many vitamins and minerals. It contains higher amount of iron than chicken or fish. Beef is primarily composed of proteins and contains varying amount of fats.