Malai Kabab Recipe



Malai Kabab is a traditional Pakistani dish. Malai  Kabab is delightful Ramadan Recipe. Malai Kabab can be ready very quickly. Malai Kabab is very delicious  Pakistani dish. Malai Kabab is delightful in Ramadan recipe.


This delicious  Malai Kabab is prepared with Chicken Keema , Garlic Ginger paste, salt, red chili, coriander, green chili, slices of bread, eggs, fresh cream and oil. Malai Kabab can also be used as a iftar dish. You can eat  Malai Kabab as a snack or in lunch. Malai Kabab is one of the popular dishes of Pakistan.

Ingredients and Quantity:

Keema: 1 kg


Garlic Ginger paste: 1 table spoon

Salt: As required


Red Chili: 1 table spoon


Garam Masala: ½ table spoon

Coriander: As required

Green Chilies: 6-8

Bread Slices: 4

Eggs: 2

Fresh Cream: ½ cup

Oil: for frying


Boil the chicken with the ginger garlic paste and salt with a little water.

Chicken should be allowed to cook in its own juice.

Then grate the chicken in a chopper.

Fry the chicken and bread mixture in a little oil.

Then add ½ cup cream in a mixture and add other ingredient’s in it.

Make kabab and roll it in the bread crumb.

Dip it in egg and fry until it gets brown.

Then dish it out. Now Malai Kababs are ready for serving.