Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan Recipe For Ramadan.



Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan Recipe is an easy and traditional cooking  Recipe. It provides you an awesome taste. People mostly made Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan in iftar time.  Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan is a delicious Recipe. People made it at homes.


Different Chatni’s are also made with Dahi Phulkiyan to increase the taste of Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan.

To make it more delicious take dahi phulkiyan with Papri which gives it a crunchy taste.

Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan is a Ramadan Recipe. You can also make it at Iftar parties.


Meethi chatni with Dahi phulkiyan  increase the delicious taste of recipe.

Ingredients and Quantity:

Mash ki daal: ½ kg


Baking powder: 1 pinch

Salt: As required

Oil: As required

Yogurt: 1 kg


Grind the Lentils in the grinder.

Then add baking powder in it. Heat the oil in frying pan.


Deep fry balls till it gets light brown color then take it out from the oil.

Drop 8-10 balls at a time in hot water and  take it out after 30 seconds.

Then blend green chili and coriander to make chutney.

Take yogurt in a bowl and beat well.

Now add green chutney and salt in it. Then add phulki in it and mix it well.

Dahi phulki is ready and serve it.

Khatti Methi Dahi Phulkiyan Recipe For Ramadan:

Yogurt used in Dahi Phulkiyan is loaded with vitamins. It contains potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B6, B12 which maintains red blood cells and helps to keep your nervous system functions properly.

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