Kashmiri Chicken Recipe For Ramadan

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe For Ramadan


Kashmiri Chicken Recipe is an easy and traditional food recipe. It can be prepared at homes Kashmiri Chicken is a traditional Pakistani Recipe. Kashmiri Chicken is a delightful Ramadan recipe. Kashmiri Chicken can be made in approximately 30-45 minutes.


Delicious Kashmiri Chicken is prepared with chicken, almonds, onions, yogurt, green elaichi, red chili, tomatoes, and ginger.

Kashmiri Chicken is popular Pakistani dish. All ingredient’s which are added in Kashmiri Chicken can be easily available. People enjoy it with their family and friends.

Chicken used in this dish is very beneficial for health.



Chicken contain proteins and amino acids which are beneficial for health. Protein is a major building block of all muscular tissues in our body. Proteins are also responsible for the maintenance of body.

Vitamin B3, B6:


Chicken also contains vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6. Vitamin B3 is responsible for the maintenance of body cells

Ingredients and Quantity:

Chicken: 1 kg

Almond ( sliced): 2 table spoon.


Oil: 2 table spoon.

Yogurt: ½ cup.

Onion: 1 cup.

Garlic: 5.

Red chili: 1 table spoon.

Tomatoes: 2


Take a pan and heat the oil in it.

Fry the onions till it gets golden brown.

Add chopped tomatoes in it and fry.

Add chili powder, turmeric , salt, ginger garlic paste in it.

Add the chicken pieces in it and also add water in it and cook for 10-15 minutes.

Then add fresh cream .mix well for 7 to 8 minutes.

Kashmiri Chicken is ready to eat.

Serve it with roti or butter naan.

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe For Ramadan:

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe For Ramadan

The ingrediants used in Kashmiri Chicken add taste in the dish. Serve Kashmiri Chicken with naan . it looks more delicious.

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