Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan

Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan

From the earrings to the necklace, Jewelry Styles are constantly changing. Jewelry increases the beauty of women. That’s why every woman wants to wear beautiful and latest Jewelry. ladies specially girls like to wear Latest Jewelry Designs on special occasions like Eid and weddings etc. Here you can see the Latest Jewelry Styles for this upcoming event of Eid

In recent years, Jewelry has gone beyond its role of enhancement. Rather, brands have created one of kind designs, which capture the attention, with a standout style. Some of Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan are;

Pakistani Jewelry Sets 2017

Tassel Earrings:

The beaded dangle of Tassels has recently gained a huge popularity. From short, long in every color, Tassel Earrings make an elegant statement. These are a colorful mix of beads and tassels giving them to look beautiful.

 jewelry sets 2017 in pakistan

Velvet Choker:

It’s a 90s throat trend re-introduced, the Choker of the velvet. Black and golden Choker is mostly preferred by women.

On the red carpet, Urwa Hocane is also wearing Velvet choker which will surely enter into Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan.

 Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan

Double Knuckle Rings:

The modern Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan consists of double ring. The first ring is connected ring in chain. This new style of ring looks very unique and beautiful. Double Knuckle Ring is a New Fashion Trend. These are the recent Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan.

Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan 

Arm cuff Bracelet:

Chunky bracelets have always been adding a touch of glamour to the wrists. As we have seen in many fashion catwalks, Arm Cuff Bracelets are used by models. It increases the beauty of arms.

Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan

Ear cuff Earrings:

These Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan allow your ear to take a spotlight, with one earring or the pair. Ear cuffs are decorated with shimmering stones and flower motifs. Mahira Khan is wearing Ear Cuff on a party.

Jewelry Sets 2017 In Pakistan