Jelly Custard Recipe


Custard is a sweet dish that contains number of nutrition but is also high in fats and sugar. We use jelly for decoration of custard. Jelly contains natural amino acids which is good for skin. It helps in the formation of new cells in the body. Jelly is rich in aspartic acid, which helps in the process of cell regeneration.

Jelly Custard is a favourite dessert of kids. Jelly Custard is a delicious dessert. Jelly Custard is a Pakistani dessert which is liked by everyone.

Ingredients and Quantity:

The ingredients used in Jelly Custard are:

Red jelly: 1 packet

Green jelly: 1 packet

Milk: 2 packets

Sugar: 2 table spoon

Vanilla custard: 2 table spoon

Cream: ½ cup

Dry fruits: As required


Take a pan and boil water in it. Then add red jelly packet in it and mix it well. With the same procedure make the green jelly and refrigerate it. For Custard, first dissolve Custard in 1 cup milk. Now heat remaining milk and add sugar in it. Now slowly pour Custard and stir it and cook it till it turns thick. Then pour it in a serving bowl. Now diced the red jelly and green jelly on Custard. Garnish it with dry fruits. Then refrigerate it and serve it. Delicious Custard Jelly is ready to eat.