How Is The morning Show Of Juggan Kazim


Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim is known as the stage name juggan kazim. Juggan kazim is a Pakistani Canadian actress, television host, and model and brand ambassador too.

Juggan kazim was born in Lahore. She has an elder sister and a younger brother. Her uncle Raza kazim is a lawyer and supporter of the arts. Her parents separated when she was one year old.

She attended Kinnaird College and the Kings College Canada, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media. After getting bachelor degree in December 2004, juggan kazim returned from Canada to Pakistan, after that she married with Adnan Ghafoor. After a one year of their marriage, her husband Adnan Ghafoor Beat juggan kazim. Juggan kazim decided to divorce with her husband, then after some time she married Feisal H Naqvi on 27 June 2013.

Juggan Kazim start  media work when she was 4 years old. She appeared in her first commercial play when she was fourteen. She works in numerous dramas like Aik pal, sitam, Piyas and many more. She looks stunning in dramas and her acting attracts people to watch their serials and wait for the next episode. Her acting shows a natural look. Juggan kazim that is famous TV actress is a celebrity in the entertainment field without any doubt. She is doing great work in fashion industry and entertainment industry by taking part in TV commercials, drams and film. Juggan Kazim linked with numerous channels in the market place.

In the same way, Juggan Kazim is a popular personality in showbiz industry that is proved with her performance in various dramas and shows hosted by started her like described as Beanbag, CEO, Aaj Entertainment Tonight, Fashion Stop, Morning with Hum Weekend Edition, Aik Din Juggun Kay Saath, Honestly Speaking with Juggan Kazim, VIP’s only, Hukm-e-Azaan, Patli Gali, Rangeel Pur, Pani Jaisa Piyar and Mishaal etc.

Juggan kazim wear beautiful dresses and jwellery on show. Her communication style ,her look is gorgeous all these thing attact people and make famous celebrity in showbiz industry. She uses beautiful design in dressing.