Hari Mirch Keema Recipe For Ramadan

Hari Mirch Keema Recipe For Ramadan

Hari Mirch Keema is one of the most delicious and spicy traditional dish of Pakistan. Hari Mirch Keema is mostly liked by people who want to eat something spicy. You can use chicken or mutton keema in this Recipe, but here we are using motton keema because mutton keema is very healthy for us.
I have also experienced to make Hari Mirch Keema at home. I made it on dinner. The main ingredient’s used in Hari Mirch Keema are Mutton Keema, Capsicum, green chili, onions, garlic ginger.

Ingredients and Quantity:
Keema: 1/2 kg.
Capsicum: 2.
Tomatoes: 3.
Onion sliced: 2 cup.
Oil: ½ cup
Garlic ginger paste: 1 table spoon.
Coriander: 1 table spoon.
Red chili: 1 table spoon.
Salt: 1 table spoon.
Garam masala: 1 table spoon.
Green chili: 6
Yogurt: ½ cup.
Turmeric powder: ¼ tea spoon.
Lemon juice: ¼ cup.

Firstly combine yogurt, salt, turmeric powder and mutton.
Heat oil in a pan and cooked sliced onion until brown in color.
Pour about 400 ml of water. Simmer until the water is half reduced.
Add green chili, onion chunks and garlic in the mixture.
Continue cooking until all the liquid evaporates and meat is tender.
Garnish with lemon juice and coriander.

Benefits of mutton:
Mutton is consumed by people all over the world because it contains high protein level, high iron level and low fat level.
Contains low level of saturated fats.
Mutton contains low level of saturated fats. It reduces the risk of diseases and other chronic problems.
Balances Cholesterol Level:
Mutton balances the cholesterol level of the body.
Keeps Heart Healthy:
Mutton helps in maintaining the heart beat and lowering down the blood pressure