Food Decoration


If you have a talent of art, preparing food could be interesting and exciting process. The Food Decoration is as important as food deliciousness. There are many interesting ways for Food Decoration.

It’s very important to not only prepare delicious dishes but also decorate them. Vegetable decoration should be neat.

Food Decoration opens great opportunities for creativity and imagination.The main technique which is used in Food Decoration is cutting of vegetables.

In order for vegetables Decoration to be effective, attention should be given to the contrast of colors. Orange color is transmitted by carrots, red with tomatoes, green with cucumbers, spinach and various green leafy vegetables.

Lemons, avocado can be turned into attractive baskets and boats.


In Food Decoration, whenever you are cutting food, be sure to use sharp knife. Use your fingertips to guide the knife along whatever you are cutting.

Food Decoration is an interesting art. In salad decoration vegetables of different colors are selected for cutting.

The vegetables which can be used in salad decoration are:

Tomatoes, lemon, carrot, spinach, cucumber, onion, lettuce, garden peas, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, purple cabbage, celery.