Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe

Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe

Chicken Masala recipe is a best Pakistani recipe. All people like this recipe. Chicken has many benefits.  Little kids also like this delicious recipe. You can also serve it with naan, roti or chapaati. This dish is mostly liked by the Punjabis. Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe. The ingredients used in this recipe are boneless chicken, green mint, salt, oil, red chilli, black pepper, lemon, gram flour, bahari masala and many more.

Boneless Chicken                                                1/2 kg

Green mint                                                         1 bunch

Yogurt                                                                 1 cup

Oil                                                                      1 cup

Chopped green chilli                                                 4

Lemon                                                                     4

Crushed white cumin                                        1 tea spoon

Chopped black pepper                                      1 tea spoon

Crushed red chillie                                             1 spoon

Gram Flour                                                         2 spoon

Crushed ginger                                                   2 spoon

Bahari masala                                                    2-3 spoon

Salt                                                                 As required


Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe. In 1/2 kg Boneless Chicken, add Green mint  , Yogurt , Chopped green chilli, Lemon, Crushed white cumin, Crushed red chillie, oil, Crushed ginger. Add bahari masala and salt.

Cook it for 1 and half hour.

Now add masala chicken and oil in pan and cook it.

Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe

Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe

When water becomes dry, then roast it in a light heat.

When oil comes at the top , then the dish is ready.

Delicious Chicken Masala Recipe