Chocolate Milkshake Recipe


Chocolate milkshake is a sweet beverage, made of milk and chocolate ice cream. Chocolate milkshake is easy to make, and if you are a chocolate lover it always gives a good taste. Everyone loves to eat chocolate so this is a good way to eat chocolate when it is mixed with milk. Some people don’t like milk; but they love to drink chocolate milkshake.

Milk provides healthy nutrients like calcium, protein, iodine, potassium and vitamins. Milk is necessary for our daily diet and that’s why milkshake calculates towards your daily dairy intake.

Chocolate milkshake can also be made with  cocoa powder, if you want a smooth taste of milkshake. Chocolate milkshake is authorized as a good healthy drink.

Chocolate milkshake gives you choline. Choline is a nutrient, provides you key nerve function. Choline is important for metabolism and it counts to healthy membrane function.

Chocolate milkshake contributes toward bone health due to calcium and phosphorus contents. These both minerals harden your bones and teeth. Phosphuras makes up part of DNA and calcium takes part in nerve communication.

Vitamin B-12 is also present in chocolate milkshake. Vitamin B-1 promotes nerve health and also contributes to hemoglobin production. Chocolate milkshake also contain fats and sugars.

Serve it to your children especially in summers.