Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe

Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe


Chicken Do Pyaza is one of the famous Pakistani Recipe. Chicken Do Pyaza is a exotic dish with plenty of fried onions and chicken. You can easily make Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe at homes. Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe is very healthy food.


The main ingredients use in Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe are Chicken Boneless Boti, Green chili, turmeric, kari patta, Cinnamon, Tomatoes, red chili, salt, garlic ginger, oil. I have also experienced to make Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe at home.

Chicken is beneficial for health. Chicken is one of the highest protein suppliers. It also contains minerals and vitamins.

Ingredients and Quantity:


Chicken Boneless Boti: 1kg

Green chili: 4

Turmeric: ½ teaspoon


Kari patta: 6

Cinnamon: one pinch

Tomato: 4

Red chili: 1 teaspoon

Salt: As required

Garlic ginger: 1 tablespoon

Oil: ½ cup



Heat oil in pan and add onions in it and fry it.

Then add Chicken, garlic ginger in it. Add fried onions, tomatoes, green chili, kari patta in it and cook it.

Cook it till water dries.

Delicious and tasty Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe is ready to eat.
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