Chicken Makhni Handi Recipe



ChickenMakhni Handi  is prepared in clay pot with rich creamy taste.  Chicken Makhni Handi is a Punjabi dish which is very delicious and tasty. Chicken Makhni Handi is Delightful Ramadan Recipe. It is very easy to make. Chicken Makhni Handi is prepared with boneless chicken, fresh butter or oil, yogurt, cream, spice powder, lemon, green chili, red chili.


Chicken used in Chicken Makhni Handi is the most common type of poultry in the world. The health benefits of chicken include its good supply of good content. Chicken reduces the risk of cancer.

Chicken Makhni Handi can be made on many special occasions. Chicken Makhni Handi can be prepared at homes.

Chicken Makhni Handi is a creamy meal. The chicken with creamy texture will give a delicious and yummy taste.


Ingredients and Quantity:

Boneless Chicken: 50 Grams.

Butter or oil: 3 table spoon.


Onion paste: As required.

Garlic Ginger paste: 1 tea spoon.


Tomato: 2

Salt: As required.

Red chili: 1 tea spoon.

Coriander: As required.

Yogurt: 2-3 tea spoons.

Cream: 2-3 tea spoons.

All spice powder: 1 tea spoon.

Green chili: As required.


Heat oil and fry onion paste in Clay pot till it turns light brown.

Then add Garlic Ginger paste, red chili powder and chopped tomatoes to cook and then Add Chicken let it cook for 10 minutes.

Now add 2-3 tea spoons of yogurt

Then add 2-3 tea spoons of cream and also add all spice powder and cook it for 5-10 minutes.

Dish it out and serve it with naan or roti.

Chicken Makhni Handi Recipe:

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