Cheese Fries Recipe

Cheese Fries Recipe

Cheese Fries Recipe, Potatoes contain vitamin C, B6, copper and management. Potatoes help to control blood sugar level in body. It resists stroke and heart attack. It reduces the helps to prevent kidney stones and liver cleansing. Cheese Fries Recipe, Cheese contains many benefits. It helps to glowing skin, cancer fighter, smooth pregnancy, strong immune system and control blood pressure.

Cheese Fries Recipe

Cheese Fries Recipe


Ingredient’s And Quantity

 Potato: 1/2 kg

Salt: as you required

Cream cheese: ½ cup

Milk: 2 tablespoons

Mastered paste: ½ tablespoons

Paprika powder: 2 pinch

Garlic powder: as you required

Chatter cheese: 2-3 tablespoons

Oil: as you required


First cut the potatoes in French fries shape

Boil it for 3 to 4 minutes

Deep fries potatoes in hot oil

Now add salt, cream cheese, mastered powder, paprika powder, chatter cheese and garlic powder

Mix it well

Then put this paste on fries

Heat it in oven for 2 minutes

Serve it