Cham Cham Sweet Dish Recipe


Cham Cham is one of the favorite sweets. Its very yummy. People especially made Cham Cham on special occasions. Kids also love to eat Cham Cham. Cham Cham Sweet Dish Recipe is liked by everyone. I have also experienced to make Cham Cham at home and everyone eats that yummy Cham Cham.

The ingredients used in making Cham Cham Sweet Dish Recipe is Milk, ararot, sugar, flour, egg white, baking powder, elaichi, sugar syrup.Cham Cham is very delicious sweet dish.

Ingredients and Quantity:

Milk: 2 kg

Argol: 2-3 tablespoon

Sugar: 4 grams

Flour: 5 grams

Egg white: half

Baking powder: ¼ teaspoon

Elaichi: 2-3

For sugar syrup:

Sugar: ½ kg

Water: 1 kg

Red food color: 1 pinch


Boil 2kg milk . now add 2-3 teaspoon argol. When water gets separate then stain it in Muslim cloth and stain all water from it.

Then add 4 grams sugar, 5 grams flour, half egg white, ¼ teaspoon baking powder, 1 pinch baking powder, 1 pinch elaichi powder and mix it well and make Cham Cham.

Sugar Syrup Method:

Add ½ kg sugar and 1 kg water and mix it now heat it. now add 1 cup sugar syrup in bowl and add Cham Cham in it. now add Cham Cham in pure sugar syrup.

Cham Cham Sweet Dish Recipe

Cham Cham Sweet Dish Recipe

Yummy and delicious Cham Cham are ready to eat.

Cham Cham Sweet Dish Recipe