Butter Chicken Roll Recipe


Butter Chicken Roll   is a tasty dish which can be made at homes. It is very easy to make and Butter Chicken Roll is full of nutrition. It’s a healthy food. Butter Chicken Roll  is Pakistani dish.

The main Ingredient’s used in Butter Chicken Roll are Chicken , Fresh cream, Black Pepper, Red chili, Ginger paste, butter , oil, salt

Butter Chicken Roll contains chicken which is very healthy for us. Chicken is full of proteins. The proteins in chicken lend itself to muscle growth and development, which help to support a healthy body.

Butter Chicken Roll also contains Butter. Butter is a dairy product that forms when milk or cream is churned

Butter Chicken Roll is mostly used in  parties. People prefer to make Butter Chicken Roll in Iftar because it’s a very delicious and unique Recipe. To make it more delicious eat Butter Chicken Roll with tomato Ketchup.

You can also use salad with Butter Chicken Roll before serving because salad increases the beauty of any dish.

Butter Chicken Roll has many benefits. The main Ingredients are chicken and butter. Both chicken and butter are full of healthy nutrition. Butter Chicken Roll Is the best one you could find.


Firstly Roast Chicken. Then mix red chili, black pepper, ginger, salt, and butter in chicken. Mix it well. When you see that the chicken is fully cooked then starts the filling process. Start filling the paste in the roll. Then fry it in oil. Delicious Butter Chicken Rolls are ready to eat.