Boneless Mutton Handi Recipe



Boneless Mutton Handi is one of the famous dishes of Pakistan. Meat has many varieties to cook. This is very popular version of meaty recipes named mutton handi. You can serve Boneless Mutton Handi with roti, naan or paratha.


The ingredients used in Boneless Mutton Handi is boneless meat, curd, onion,garlic ginger paste, tomatoes,lemon, green chili,cooking oil. In Boneless Mutton Handi meat is used. Boneless Mutton Handi is very delicious recipe. I have also experienced to cook Boneless Mutton Handi. You can also make Boneless Mutton Handi in lunch.

Ingredients and Quantity:

Meat:1 kg


Curd:1 cup

Onion: 3



Garlic ginger paste: 1 tablespoon

Red chili: 1 tablespoon

Green chili: 3


Coriander: As required

Cooking oil: 1 cup


Add Meat, salt and ginger in pan and let the meat boil.

Now add garlic ginger paste, tomatoes, onion, green chili and boil it.

Now heat oil in a pan and add chilis in it and add meat in it and let it cook.

Then add curd in it then sprinkle garam masala and coriander on it and add lemon.

Boneless Mutton Handi is ready to serve.


Boneless Mutton Handi Recipe

Boneless Mutton Handi

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Benefits of Meat:

Consumption of meat has many healthy benefits such as elimination of skin diseases, providing long term energy, protecting body from infections. Meat is a rich source of proteins, essential amino acids.

  Boneless Mutton Handi Recipe