Black Beauty Drink Recipe

Black Beauty Drink Recipe

Drinking reasonable amount of water in summer carries a lot of health benefits for individuals. Our body carries 70% water thus needs acceptable quantity of it to function properly. If you don’t want to drink simple water and also want to change your taste then juices are the best choice in summers. It will fulfil your body needs also work for your health because Fruit Juices has many benefits for health.

Black Beauty Drink Recipe is the cheapest and might be the most used Summer Drink in Pakistan. You can add flavor to it by adding cocktail or different Fruit Juices.

In this Black Beauty Drink Recipe grape juice and blueberries are used which is beneficial for health. Grapes juice is perfect for beach season.  Grape fruit juice aids in releasing excess water retention, boosting metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

Blueberries are sweet, nutritious and excitedly popular. Blueberries are beneficial for health because these are low in calories and high in nutrients. Blueberries protect our bodies from damage by free radicals and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer. These are king of antioxidant foods. Blueberries are helpful to reduce DNA damage. Blueberries are also beneficial to protect cholesterol in blood from becoming damaged. These are also beneficial for the BP patients who always suffer with high blood pressure because blueberries may lower blood pressure.

So we can say that Black Beauty Drink Recipe has many benefits for our health.

Ingredients which are used in Black Beauty Drink Recipe are;

Grapes juice

Ice cubes

Blue berries


Caster sugar.

Black Beauty Drink Recipe

Black Beauty Drink Recipe