Beautiful Poems By Zeenat Iqbal

Beautiful Poems By Zeenat Iqbal


Beautiful Poems By Zeenat Iqbal, Zeenat iqbal hakimjee is a housewife and educated lady as well. And she started writing an art that she had inherited from her late father Ahmed Jivanjee who was a well-known writer of Karachi. Juggling between both mediums, she had to compromise her peace of mind. Later on she started getting recipes published which were popular write-ups and easier on the mind, heirlooms from mom, mom-in-law and aunts. When the recipes were acclaimed she was further motivated to do her house-work. Here is the Beautiful Poems By Zeenat Iqbal.


Beautiful Poems By Zeenat Iqbal

No More Tears

As You Leave For Greener Pastures

Tears Flown Down The Cheeks At Your Departure.

The Migrating Bird Flutters Its Wings,


Over For It, Is The Season To Sing.

The Bentley Turns Round The Corner

Disappears From Sight, Now And Forever.


I Shall Miss Your Nudge And Touch,


For Our Friendship Others Could Vouch.

But Since The ‘Sea Of Gold’ Is At A Distance,

Leave For It Right Now, This Instance.


I Love You, My Dearest, My Cherub,

The Sunset And Sunrise Are For Me A Spectacle & To Behold

Because Of Your Warmth I Do Not Feel The Cold

Of The Cloudy, Dark Winter Nights,

Logs To Burn I Need Not, Nor Do Indeed The Light.

Tomorrow Is Always A Day To Look Forward To.

In Your Company Life Is A Bundle Of Joy.

A Tear Rolls Down My Cheek, And Shines And Sparkles

It Beautifies My Skin And Gives It A Certain Glow

In Your Adulation It Had To Flow.

I Captured To Kitten Through Your Eyes,

And Whispered A Lullaby By Your Sound

Togetherness Should Last And Last

I Am In Love, I Am In Love

Beautiful Poems By Zeenat Iqbal