Banana Delight Recipe


Banana delight is a delicious dessert because bananas are good for health. Bananas contain valuable nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Bananas are very helpful for people who take antidepressant pills, because bananas are good antidepressants. Bananas also protect us against muscle cramp, heart attack, type II diabetes and reduce swelling.

Addition of cream in banana delight provides meaningful nutreints, as cream is dairy product and it contains high amount of fats. Different types of creams are available in the market like whipping cream, light cream, heavy cream etc. You can choose any type of cream according to your own choice.

Banana delight is good for health and it is a healthy dessert. Mostly children eat banana delight happily. It is very easy to make banana delight at home. The most important thing about banana delight is that it is budget friendly. Banana delight can serve with ice cream as well. Those kids, who don’t like bananas, also love to eat banana delight. You can try banana delight during this summer because everyone loves to eat it.