Ayesha Omer Dance In Cornetto Commercial


Ayesha Omer appeared in Cornetto’s new commercial which is winning the hearts of viewers with her sizzling performance. The video Turn Up The Music Mr. DJ is including a star-studded cast with renowned choreographer Hassan Rizvi and actress and model Ayesha Omer with DJ Hussain. This video was shot in Karachi with so many dancers with the director Wajahat Rauf.

This Cornetto commercial is following the footsteps of last year’s commercial Desan Da Raja (Soni Kuri) which was featured with Komal Rizvi. That Cornetto commercial was one of the biggest hits of the year. So getting inspiration from that commercial, new commercial by Qurram Hussain, Turn Up The Music Mr. DJ, Cornetto Pop Rock 2 is winning the hearts of audience having beautiful Ayesha Omer in it. Even the full video has her all beautiful moves.

She looked so hot in this video and it’s going viral on the internet and social media.

Watch her video here.